Cryptocurrency Mining: A Short Background

Cryptocurrency is probably foreign to some people today because the mainstream still doesn’t give it enough exposure to gain widespread public acceptance. For roughly a decade or more, though, cryptocurrency has been around. Read further if you want to know more about the brief history of cryptocurrency and digital currency mining.
The idea of cryptocurrency possibly dates back to the early 1980s. During this time, David Chaum, an American cryptographer, thought about inventing electronic money that incorporates cryptography. More than a decade later, he …

Some Canadians Show Intention to Buy Cryptocurrency by 2024

In October 2022, the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) published a report highlighting cryptocurrency adoption rates throughout Canada.
Grant Vingoe, the regulator’s chief executive, emphasized the Commission’s tech-neutral stance on cryptocurrency while mentioning that over 30 percent of Canadians plan on purchasing crypto and becoming holders soon.
On October 6, Vingoe made a keynote address in front of the Economic Club of Canada. He said that the regulatory essence of stocks and bonds is evenly …

How Buying Crypto in Canada Works

With the growth of cryptocurrency ownership, buying digital currencies like Bitcoin and Dogecoin in Canada is lately in an upsurge. According to a report from the Ontario Securities Commission, over 30 percent of Canadians intend to purchase cryptocurrency assets in 2023.
If you’re wondering how to purchase Bitcoin or any available virtual currency in Canada, feel free to read on and keep the following details in mind.
The Legality of Buying Crypto in Canada
Although not yet regarded as legal …

The Certainty of Virtual Currency Taxing and Regulation

A virtual currency refers to the digital representation of monetary value, which serves as an exchange medium that isn’t government-backed and, in any jurisdiction, doesn’t have a legal tender status. There are many digital currencies like Ether, Litecoin, and Ripple within the decentralized finance industry nowadays; however, Bitcoin remains the most popular among the rest of the pack due to its high volatility.
The future of virtual currencies like Bitcoin – even with the evolution of our technology – probably remains uncertain, and they…