The 4 Favorite Blockchain Companies in 2023

Industry and market experts define blockchain as a decentralized system that comprises an incrementing list of “blocks” (records), which are “chained” (linked) together securely using cryptography and made up of transactions made in digital currencies. In other words, blockchain is a type of DLT or distributed ledger tech that records and keeps all data exchanges.
Blockchain is a revolutionary phenomenon that has positively affected the government, health care, and media sectors, and most importantly, the financial industry. This 2023, a …

The Top 5 Innovative Blockchain Companies

The blockchain industry currently has an unstoppable growth rate on a global scale, with pundits expecting the market size to increase by roughly $67 billion in 2026. 
The rising interest among investors in blockchain, the widespread application of such technology solutions in the banking and cybersecurity sectors, and the implementation of blockchain technology for digital entities like payments and smart contracts are among the significant factors that paved the way for the blockchain industry boom.
Perhaps the …

Intel’s Groundbreaking Cryptocurrency Mining Chip

The International Solid-State Circuits Conference organized an event on February 20, 2022. The tech conference unveiled several innovations that would dramatically transform the blockchain world.
One of the key highlights of the show was Intel’s launching of a brand-new chip designed explicitly for various use cases like minting non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and mining cryptocurrency – particularly Bitcoin. Intel dubbed their most recent product release the Blockscale ASIC or the blockchain accelerator chip.